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Feb 13, 2016
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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Peppino Gagliardi
  • Reading: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
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Greetings dA! :salute:

As of last week, I have officially been on this site for eleven years.  It seems like a week late ^^; to introduce some new goals for the year!
I feel like I've lost a lot of the friends/+watchers here who I used to talk to.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that's got a lot to do with my own inactivity. So this year I'd like to change that.
What this means for you:
~More art!  Last year, my goal was to post new art once a month.  Which I did, but that's still not a lot.  So this year I'm going for, the probably overly ambitious, once a week.  Which will probably devolve into every other once I blow through my stash of unposted art   I've got a bunch of projects planned/in progress that hopefully this will motivate me to finish

~More activity!  No more responding to comments en masse whenever I happen to post something new.  Commenting on art when it's new, rather than months later lol!

~More journals!  I mean hasn't this been great?  so... informative okay maybe not more journals

~More ...oh you get the idea.  Ammotu will be around here, until you all get sick of me :mwahaha:

As for what I'm working on:
(I'll update this every time I add/work on a project though I won't mark the journal as updated)

~new male dress-up game: 169/215 items done
~new fantasy dress-up game: 148/270 items done
~ASOIAF character interpretations: Oberyn Martell: inked! colored!, Loras Tyrell: done! Euron Greyjoy: done! Gerris Drinkwater: 5% sketched. to do: Jon Snow, Cersei, Beric Dondarrion, Victarion Greyjoy
~Transformers fanart: G1 Starscream poster: inked! colors: done!
~Skeletor: done!
~Teen Wolf fanart: inked! and awaiting colors
~Nikita fanart: done!
~Lost Bladesman fanart: 30% sketched
~Reign fanart: 80% sketched
~Green lantern fancomic: 23 pages thumbnailed out, 6 pages sketched, 4 pages inked
~Super Hero fanart project:
   aquaman: done!
   booster gold: done!
   catwoman: done!
   deathstroke: done!
   enchantress: done!
   flash: done!
   green lantern: done!
   harley quinn: done!
   ice: done!
  joker: done!
  kilowog: done!
  lex luthor: done! , out of/26
~Gundam 00 fanart: (back on the list!) Allelujah: done! , Lockon: inked! 100% colored! and awaiting posting, Setsuna: inked! 100% colored! and awaiting posting, Tieria: done!
~Gundam Unicorn fanart: Gearra Zulu: done! Sinanju: 5% sketched
~Tekken fanart: done!  fancomic: 1 page 91% done
~Daredevil fanart: done!
~The Man from U.N.C.L.E. fanart: done!
~Original concepts: several done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! done! & done! many more awaiting posting!  many many more being worked on

No. Never. Please don't ask.

Art Trades?
Inaevyn trade: I haven't forgotten! still 0% done though ^^;


Valong commission: done!  humanized starscream prime commission: done!
dragonlingdar commission 1: done! commission 2: done! commission 3: done!

Ammotu away!


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Current Residence: the daaaynja zone!
Favorite genre of music: French jazz, 80s rock, indie
Favorite style of art: high contrast
Favorite cartoon characters: Booster Gold, Cobra Commander, Green Lantern (Hal), Starscream (G1)
Personal Quote: Strap on your jet-packs and follow me!


Ammotu will
~Always read your comments, and try to reply to all of them.
~Always comment before faving. (And truly appreciate it if you would do the same!)
~Visit your page if you comment on my work.
~Return llamas. (No need to thank me for doing so!)
~Accept most requests to add work to group galleries.

Ammotu will not
~Do requests.
~Give you points.
~Join groups.
~Look at your work because you tell me to. I always look at peoples work when they leave comments, but I won’t if you just tell me ‘hey look at this!’

You may
~Color Ammotu’s line-arts as long as you give credit by linking back to the original and send Ammotu a link to the post. (just ask me if you want a higher res. of anything)
~Post screen-shots from Ammotu’s Flash Games as long as you give credit, link back to the original game, and send Ammotu a link to the post. Please follow deviantArt rules on posting dress-up game results too!

You may not
~Use Ammotu’s work without permission.
~Sell Ammotu’s work in anyway. Not for profit, not in any prints, and not for points!
This includes anything done in my Flash Games!


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